2023 Popular Comedy Movie Collection Recommendations


Comedy movies have always been the hottest movies in the movie industry. Because he can bring joy and laughter to people. At the same time, in the plot of comedy movies, some social phenomena are reflected that are worth thinking about.

Comedy Movie: Dying to Survive

An ordinary middle-aged man Cheng Yong (Xu Zheng) runs a healthcare product store, but he is frustrated and divorced. The arrival of the uninvited guest Lu Yiyi (played by Wang Chuanjun) led him to start a new business of buying medicines in India as a “purchasing agent”. Started as the exclusive agent of Indian generic drugs for the treatment of chronic myelogenous leukemia.

While making money, he also got to know several patients and their families, Sihui (played by Tan Zhuo), who was forced to become a dancer to save his daughter, Pastor Liu (played by Yang Xinming), who speaks fluent “priestly” English, and the violent-tempered “Huang Mao” (played by Zhang Yu), and several people started a business in partnership. While the profit doubled, it was also perilous. Police officer Cheng Yong’s younger brother-in-law Cao (monitored on Monday) was ordered to investigate the origin of generic drugs. Counterfeit drug dealer Zhang Changlin (Wang Huihui) and a Swiss genuine pharmaceutical representative (Li Naiwen) were also staring at him. tug of war.

This film is adapted from the real deeds of Lu Yong, a patient with chronic myeloid leukemia, purchasing anticancer drugs.

All Wang Chuanjun’s persistence that was not understood by outsiders was perfectly released at this moment. He is not Guan Gu Miracle, he is Wang Chuanjun. You see, even if there are still so many bad movies, as long as there are even a few people who persist, Chinese film and television will finally grow strong roots from it. I’m not the god of medicine, I can’t cure this world. But it would be good to change a little bit.

Comedy Movie: Zootopia (2016)

The story takes place in a beautiful world where all mammals coexist harmoniously. Rabbit Judy (voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin) dreamed of becoming a criminal policeman who punishes evil and promotes good from an early age. , Judy successfully graduated from the police academy and entered the police station of Zootopia. Little did he know that this is the territory of large carnivorous animals. As the first and only small herbivore, what kind of story will Judy encounter? Woolen cloth?

In recent days, there have been a series of missing animals in the city. Just when all the police officers are committed to investigating the truth of the case, Judy was assigned by the chief (voiced by Idris Elba) to become an insignificant traffic policeman. One day, the rabbit on duty met a fox named Nick (voiced by Jason Bateman). The two did not know each other, and then they accidentally accepted the task of finding the missing Mr. Otter. If Mr. Otter cannot be found within two days, Judy must leave the police station voluntarily. Judy finds Nick, and the two join forces to reveal a shocking secret hidden in Zootopia.

After bursting the ice and snow’s super-powerful brains, animals once again proved that cartoons are not only for children but also for all ages and world-class, cutting-edge digital stunts, innovative plots, old stalks, and new uses with cute Q style, Utopian inspirational, funny warmth, natural ecstasy, conspiracy reversal, using animals to map humans, involving racial discrimination and bipartisan struggle, no matter in terms of production technology, political orientation or social significance, it is locked for the best animation at this year’s Oscars.

Nezha: The Devil Boy Comes into the World (2019)

The aura of heaven and earth bred a Hunyuan Pearl with huge energy. Yuanshi Tianzun refined the Hunyuan Pearl into Lingzhu and Magic Pill. The Lingzhu was reborn as a human being, which can be used to help Zhou defeat the king; and the magic pill will give birth to the Demon King. , for the disaster of the world. Yuanshi Tianzun activated the Heaven Tribulation spell, and 3 years later, the sky thunder will come and destroyed the magic pill.

Taiyi was ordered to entrust the birth of the Lingzhu to Nezha, the son of Li Jing’s family in Chengguan. However, by mistake, the Lingzhu and the magic pill were dropped. Nezha, who was supposed to be the hero of the Lingzhu, has become the Great Demon King. Nezha, who is mischievous and stubborn, has a heroic heart. But in the face of everyone’s misunderstanding of the magic pill and the coming sky thunder, is Nezha destined to become a demon right away? Where will he go?

I cried when I saw it. This is the real new hope of Guoman. Finally, it is no longer a pile of fake Chinese style but begins to use myths and fables to create real “little people”. Born with original sin, doomed death, the certainty of existence, and the wavering of identity, all point to the core of “Assassin Nie Yinniang”: one person, no one of the same kind. The construction of a complete world view, father and son, mother and son, mentor, brother, friend, and enemy, every relationship is handled with flesh and blood without perfunctory.

The action design of the art editing soundtrack is full of bright spots, and even the comedy part is not pretending to be crazy, but there are countless details to support it. The two parts of Shuttlecock’s Kicking at Sunset by the Sea and Illusory Wonderland of Sheji Picture are both beautiful passages, the combination of flying imagination and first-class production ability, it is worth replaying again and again. Strictly speaking, it is a four-star movie, but I am willing to add five stars to encourage it!

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