Android TV – 4 must install apps and enhanced settings

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Recommendation: Play with your Android TV – 4 must install apps and enhanced settings

Does Android TV work well on your TV? If you only rely on the Android TV apps on Google Play, you may be disappointed, but like other Android devices, the Android TV platform can install APK files manually. If you’ve just become a Sony Android TV user or bought Nvidia Shield from the US on Amazon Prime Day, this article is worth reading for beginners. It should be worth a read.

At the Google I/O developer conference in mid-2014, Google officially announced the launch of the Android TV Smart TV operating system to the world, and it was supported by Sony, a top-tier TV brand, which has adopted the Android TV system in all of its TV products launched in the past two years. Apart from Sony, Razer, a U.S. e-sports brand, has also launched the Forge TV Bundle, an Android TV host, and two other well-known TV brands, Philips and Sharp, have also launched TVs with the Android TV system, only with Google’s own Nexus Player and Avidia Shield. However, they have not been launched in Hong Kong, just like Google’s Nexus Player and Avision’s Nvidia Shield.

Android TV must install apps (1): Show all installed apps Sideload Launcher

After the installation is done, the first app you should install when you open your Android TV system is the Sideload Launcher, which has a dedicated version for Android TV. This is because although Android TV can install APK files via USB or network, if not installed via Google Play, these apps cannot be displayed on the home screen and you have to enter the “Apps” option in the “Settings” menu to open them. However, with Sideload Launcher, all Apps, whether downloaded directly from Google Play or manually installed APK files, will be displayed on the Apps together, just like the App Drawer for Android mobile smart devices, making it much easier to use Apps.

Android TV must install Apps (2): Google Drive direct install APK ES File Browser

If you want to avoid downloading APK files with viruses on the Internet, the best way is to backup the Apps as APK files on your smart device and then put them on Android TV to install, but if you have to copy the APK files from your smart device to your USB finger every time and then put the USB finger on Android TV to install, you may find it troublesome to install more than twice. To solve this problem, Avision now will first upload the APK file you want to install to Android TV to Google Drive, then install the “ES File Browser” app with a dedicated version of Android TV to log into Google Drive, and then directly open and install the APK file, which makes the whole installation process much simpler and is another must-install It is also another must-install Android TV App.

Android TV must-install Apps (3): Ultimate Rotation Control for full-screen viewing

I wonder if you are wondering what is the difference between Android TV and the Android media player that you can buy from the market. According to Google, the interface layout and design of Android TV Apps must take into account that users will use it from 10 feet away, so the graphics and text are usually larger and must be displayed horizontally. In addition, Google also requires that the Android TV apps must be fully controllable by remote control or physical remote control, instead of the touch operation of general Android smart device apps.

But what are the problems if you install general smart device apps on Android TV? Apart from the fact that the TV does not have touch operation and some buttons are not available, another major problem is that the apps cannot be displayed horizontally. The former can be solved by using a mouse or a “mouse remote”, while the latter is the $18 paid app “Ultimate Rotation Control” that Avision recommends. If these apps don’t have a “full screen” button, they will only have a small screen on Android TV, making them look weird.

New Android TV must install Apps (4): 4K HEVC video playback smoothly Youcine

Youcine is a must-have app for many people watching movies on Android mobile smart devices, and the app is also available for Android TV. Both Sony’s Android TV series and the Nvidia Shield used in this demonstration have built-in HEVC hardware decoding, and Youcine also supports the relevant hardware decoding settings, so if you want to play HEVC encoded 4K Ultra HD videos more smoothly, this app is a good choice.

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