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In the film series in 2023, there will be sequels of major works. But the part of animation movies cannot be ignored. Here are some recommended anime film. They are either highly anticipated, or full of classics, or feel pity.

anime film-Laputa: Castle in the Sky

Castle in the Sky” is a feature-length animation film jointly produced by Studio Ghibli and Tokuma Shoten, which embodies a distinct steampunk style. The film, which premiered in Japan on August 2, 1986, tells the story of the protagonist, the girl Shida, the boy Pazu, and the army and pirates looking for the legendary city of Laputa in the sky.
With the announcement of the release date of “Laputa in the Sky”, the static and dynamic promotional posters were also released at the same time, with the theme “Meeting Beauty”. on this poster. We can see Cedar Maid making mid-air contact with a giant metal hand against a gorgeous sky backdrop. It seemed that at that moment, she was about to open the door to a strange world.
In the dynamic poster, Joe Hisaishi reproduced the familiar melody of the famous composer. The yearning for the sky deep in our hearts, the yearning for beauty, was awakened at that moment. Anime film are amazing…

Laputa: Castle in the Sky.

anime film-Detective Conan: Black Iron Fish Shadow

The story of “Detective Conan: Black Iron Fish Shadow” takes us to the “Pacific Buoy” located in the waters near Hachijo Island, Tokyo. Conan was invited by Suzuki Sonoko to participate in the “Hachijojima Whale Watching” event. But while receiving a call from Akai Shuichi. Europol, responsible for the “Pacific Buoy”, was found to have been killed by Gin.
Conan, who received this information, immediately went to the facility to investigate. However, he accidentally ran into a female engineer holding a USB with key information. Not only was she kidnapped by the black organization, but important information equipment also fell into the hands of the enemy. The organization in black began to approach Hui Yuanai step by step.
Before the movie “Detective Conan: Black Iron Fish Shadow” was officially released. The producer has confirmed that the special TV version “Detective Conan-Aihara Ai Monogatari-Black Iron’s Mysterious Train” will be premiered. And in the way of movie theaters, the audience and fans are guided to review the important chapters related to Hui Yuan Ai. This segment will also have ties to the upcoming anime film.

anime film-conan

anime film-Sword Art Online: Twilight Saga

In the newly released trailer. The defense layer Boss Void Colossus Foxx made his debut, bringing a carpet attack never seen before. It poses a huge threat and challenge to Kirito, Asuna and others! Everyone united as one and launched a fierce battle with the defense boss. The impact of the picture is strong, and with the theme song “Heart”, it is full of shock. According to reports, there will be nearly 10 minutes of continuous fighting scenes in this anime film. I believe that the audience will have a hearty viewing experience in front of the big screen.

Also, in the latest released poster. The fireworks are blooming and the lights are bright. Kirito, Asuna, Argo, and members of the alliance wandered over the ancient floating city. Their eyes met, filled with joy and peace. It seems that as long as you have friends by your side, you can tide over the difficulties together. Stills released at the same time. With its huge body and powerful aura, the Void Colossus fox attacks violently and is extremely ferocious. Kirito, Asuna and others bravely killed the enemy in the shadow of the sword, and started a life-and-death struggle with him.
The storyline returns to SAO after eleven years. Aincrad’s five levels of catacombs and labyrinths are full of traps. The two major alliances are facing each other, and the undercurrent is surging. Kirito and Asuna fought side by side. Can it turn the tide, resolve the crisis, and successfully upgrade? All of this needs to be revealed in the movie version of “Sword Art Online: Twilight Saga”.

anime film-SAO

easter eggs

What is even more surprising is that the well-known singer Aoi Eiru sang in this movie, showing her proud singing voice. In addition to the visually shocking bloody battle scenes, you can also enjoy a comfortable listening experience. It not only adds color to the movie, but also leaves a deep impression on movie fans. When the singing sounded, the eleven years of youthful memories belonging to Sword Art Online emerged instantly. The adventure is rekindled, yesterday’s blood is immediately awakened, travel through time and space, and dream back to the boy!
This anime film is an in-depth extension and new interpretation of the original Sword Art Online. It will lead the audience to relive that unforgettable world, and once again experience the shock and touch brought by Sword Art Online. Whether it’s the passionate battle scenes or the deeply rooted emotions of the characters, they will all be vividly displayed on the big screen.

anime film-Deep Sea

The “Sansuku” children who grew up in a broken family became taciturn, lonely and depressed because of the divorce of their parents and the departure of their mother. In the end, in a sea diving incident caused by despair, he was rescued by a kind clown and fell into a deep dream—a world located in the deep sea.
In this “Deep Sea Hotel” dreamland. All kinds of marine life in different shapes become the diners of the restaurant. Among them are the honest and lovely walruses, and the cute and cute sea otters. These strange but friendly animals gave Shensu unprecedented warmth and care.
The captain of Nanhe is the image of the clown who rescued Sansuke in the real world in his dream. In his capacity as the captain, he seems to be only interested in money. But that’s just the surface, his heart is full of loneliness, tiredness, longing and longing for warmth. Perhaps, the arrival of Sansuke gradually made his heart more real.
Sansuke has always been neglected in family life. Even if no one cares, she will forcefully laugh and hide her negative emotions deeply. Nan He and she are actually the same kind of people, and they are both hiding their truest emotions, so their laughter is not real.

Deep Sea


In the same forest, we travel through a range of cultures and themes, including animated films, detective dramas and personal growth stories.

First, “C Astle in the Sky” brings us into the world of Studio Ghibli’s steampunk-style animation, bringing resonance and surprise.
Then, we delve into the plot of Detective Conan: Dark Iron Fish, including Conan’s complex adventures and upcoming TV special.
The third part allows us to immerse ourselves in the primary battle scenes of “Sword Art Online Assault: Twilight”, feel the strong emotional impact of the theme song “Heart”, and enjoy the eye-catching posters and stills.
In the end, we follow the story of “Brilliant” as we witness a child’s journey to find new hope and strength amidst family problems, and finally to discover who he really is and who smiles.

These four narratives incorporate themes of adventure, exploration, challenge, spiritual awakening, and personal transformation to provide us with a rich emotional and cultural experience.

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