Four of the best LG TVs 2023


The 4 Finest LG TVs of 2023 Testimonials and also Smart Characteristics

We have actually acquired and also examined greater than 95 LG TVs. LG launches a lot of Televisions yearly, more than any other TV manufacturer. LG was among the very first brand names to launch TVs with OLED panels, and they have actually promptly become their most preferred schedule. They also have a wide option of LED Televisions, ranging from entry-level 4k TVs to premium versions withMini LED backlights. Unfortunately, a lot of their LED Televisions utilize IPS panels and also do not do very well in total.


The LG G2 OLED is the most effective LG TV and the very best LG OLED TV we’ve tested. It’s a premium TV with a distinct design. Rather than a standard tabletop stand, it comes with a personalized no-gap wall mount. Incorporated with its slim bezels as well as consistent thickness, it mixes right into your surrounding atmosphere. Additionally, with its Gallery Setting feature, it’s designed to look like an art piece while it’s not in use as a regular TV. It uses an advanced OLED panel than a lot of the various other 2022 versions, permitting it to supply impressive photo quality.

Like a lot of LG Televisions, it has a fantastic option of additional gaming features, consisting of assistance for 4k @ 120Hz pc gaming on all four of its HDMI ports, so it’s an ideal selection for PS5 or Xbox Series X players, and it’s a future-proof financial investment. It also sustains all 3 significant variable refresh rate technologies, guaranteeing an almost tear-free gaming experience from almost any source. Like all OLED display screens, it has a virtually instant action time, causing crystal-clear activity without disruptive blur behind fast-moving objects, and it has reduced input lag for a responsive gaming experience.


The best LG OLED TV in the upper mid-range category we’ve examined is the LG C2 OLED. It’s a great alternative to the LG G2 OLED, particularly if you’re not curious about the distinct wall-mount function and desire a regular stand. It provides virtually identical photo quality to the G2 but isn’t rather as brilliant. Of course, like all OLED display screens, it provides incredible photo top quality, with a near-infinite contrast ratio that provides completely deep inky blacks and brilliant highlights, with no distracting flowering around bright spots in dark scenes.

It’s an incredible TV for players, with a virtually instantaneous action time that delivers crystal-clear activity without distracting ghosting behind fast-moving objects. It sustains HDMI 2.1 on all 4 inputs, indicating you can enjoy quick 4k @ 120Hz video gaming from both the Xbox Series S|X and PS5 or a current PC graphics card. It runs the 2022 variation of LG’s webOS clever interface, which is smooth and easy to use, as well as there’s an excellent choice of streaming apps available.

LG NANO90 2021

The most effective mid-range LG TV is the LG NANO90 2021. Unlike the LG OLED models like the LG C2 OLED, this makes use of an LED backlight and also an IPS-type panel, so it looks much worse than the OLED versions in a dark space. It’s still a good TV for a brighter room. It has a large watching angle, making it a great choice for a broad seating arrangement or if you such as to move with the television on. It has excellent reflection handling as well as good top brightness, so glow isn’t a concern.

Although it has worse photo high quality on the whole than LG’s extra costly designs, it comes with the very same excellent pc gaming functions and also a smart user interface. It has exceptionally reduced input lag for a responsive pc gaming experience and also supports G-SYNC, FreeSync, and also HDMI Forum VRR, guaranteeing an almost tear-free gaming experience from virtually any type of source. It likewise supports 4k @ 120Hz pc gaming on 2 of its HDMI ports, fantastic for Xbox Series X or PS5 gamers. It additionally has the very same terrific clever functions as the more pricey versions, and also it includes LG’s user-friendly Magic Remote.

LG UQ8000

The LG UQ8000 is the very best budget plan LG TV we have actually checked. It rests below the NANO Collection TVs, like the LG NANO90 2021, and the primary distinction is that the UQ8000 makes use of an easier panel layout that can not present as large a series of colors. Nonetheless, it includes the very same wise interface as well as the very same Magic Remote that makes food selection navigation feel smooth. Unfortunately, various sizes make use of different panel kinds, so they don’t all execute the exact same.

Regretfully, the versions with an IPS-like panel, like the 65-inch model we acquired, aren’t great for use in dark areas, which is normal for the majority of LG Televisions, as they have a low comparison proportion and blacks look grey. It additionally uses pulse width inflection to lower its backlight at all brightness, as well as since it flickers at 120Hz, there’s image replication with fast-moving content that might get disruptive as well as can cause frustrations if you’re sensitive to flicker. Additionally, it doesn’t obtain very brilliant in SDR, however, it a minimum has suitable representation dealing with if you have a couple of lights around.

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