Hisense U8H vs. TCL 6-Series (R655): Does Brightness Matter?


When comparing the Hisense U8H as well as the TCL 6-Series (R655), two of the most affordable TVs offered this year, one question arises: Is brighter much better? To aid buyers decide between the two, allow’s analyze their pros and cons for various usage situations.

Software program Operating systems:

The Hisense U8H operates on Google Television, while the TCL 6-Series uses Roku TV. The choice of a clever TV system influences the total user experience, convenience of web content discovery, app packing rate, and also image high quality.

Google Television enables a lot more flexibility in terms of image presets and modification choices, while Roku Television supplies a simpler interface. Nevertheless, some higher-end TCL versions, consisting of the R655 6-Series, provide minimal accessibility to advanced image setups, which may trick cern those seeking optimal modification.

TCL 6-Series


Unsurprisingly, the Hisense U8H is a brighter TV in general, not simply in regards to peak HDR illumination but regularly throughout different content. Nevertheless, whether this is beneficial depends upon individual choices and viewing problems. Comparing the TCL 6-Series to the U8H, attaining Similar brightness levels require adjustments within the Dark High Dynamic Array predetermined.

While having fast accessibility to illumination setups is convenient, it can undermine precise backlight control, and transitioning to brighter choices might compromise accuracy-focused setups found in Dark HDR atmospheres. In terms of illumination and also comparison assumption, non-experts may choose the Hisense U8H when watching HDR web content as a result of its dynamic visuals. However, the U8H has some issues, such as glimmer artifacts and over-darkening in certain scenes, that may dampen the watching experience.

For SDR content, the Hisense U8H is considerably brighter than the TCL 6-Series, but the latter gives a better comparison and is also regarded as pop in normal mode. Modifications are necessary to match the U8H’s brightness while maintaining precision, and also this could be credited to the Ro ku television system.

Hisense U8H vs. TCL 6-Series

Image Top quality:

In terms of resolution, the TCL R655 provides better general performance with smoother movement and also fewer artifacts contrasted to the U8H. Both Televisions demonstrate superb backlight control and very few halos, making it a tie in this facet.

The Hisense U8H excites with improved illumination, color saturation, as well as deep darkness, resulting in striking contrast. It has a more appealing look, particularly for content with attractive visuals. Nonetheless, the TCL R655 gives a more natural-looking photo, free from dark area concerns as well as motion shimmer. The TCL also shows smoother motion resolution and better overall photo handling.


While there might be much more comprehensive analyzes of gaming performance, the individual viewpoint suggests that the TCL 6-Series offers desirable functions and also automation when connected to an Xbox Collection X console. It can also reach a refresh price of 144Hz. Other gaming facets, including the chipset, connectivity, and restrictions, are similar between the two Televisions, making either a suitable choice for informal gamers.

 Hisense U8H

Audio High Quality and also Appearance:

The Hisense U8H exceeds the TCL R655 in sound high quality, supplying remarkably solid audio. As for appearance, it refers to individual choice, with TCL featuring a grandstand layout and Hisense showcasing multifunctional legs.

Additional Considerations:

It deserves to be kept in mind that the TCL R655 is available in an 85-inch model, while the Hisense U8H peaks at 75 inches.

In conclusion, determining the most influential TV relies on individual preferences. The Hisense U8H is much more stunning, provides much better sound quality, as well as runs on Google TV. On the other hand, the TCL R655 delivers a much more refined, natural-looking image with superior activity handling and also total picture handling. Eventually, consider your own requirements, choices, and the aspects reviewed in this article to make the very best decision for you. Both Televisions supply superb performance at a price that exceeds assumptions in regard to image quality.

Ultimately, the selection between the Hisense U8H and also the TCL 6-Series (R655) is subjective. Consider all the info offered and consider it versus your very own top priorities to identify which TV suits your requirements and see choices.

 Hisense U8H

In conclusion

The Hisense U8H and TCL 6-Series (R655) both use exceptional value for cash and also have their distinct strengths. The Hisense U8H impresses with its brilliant as well as live visuals, high comparison, as well as solid audio quality. It works on Google TV, supplying more modification choices. However, it may have some handling problems that can influence image top quality in certain situations.

On the other hand, the TCL 6-Series supplies a much more all-natural and also polished photo, with smoother activity as well as much better total picture handling. While it may require some changes to accomplish optimum brightness and also accuracy, it supplies a solid performance. The TCL R655 also Gives the alternative of an 85-inch model, which may be appealing to those seeking a larger display.

Eventually, the selection between the Hisense U8H, as well as TCL 6-Series, depends on your individual preferences. Consider aspects such as preferred illumination, contrast, image precision, sound high quality, software program system, and display dimension to make an informed choice. It’s advised ed to visit a shop or review testimonials from relied-on sources to further analyze the Televisions as well as establish which one straightens finest with your details demands as well as choices.

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