LG C3 vs LG G2: Which OLED is the better buy?


The LG C3 and also LG G2 are two remarkable OLED TVs released within a year of each other. While the C3 is the current model of LG’s second-best OLED lineup, the G2 was the flagship version in LG’s OLED lineup in 2015.

Currently, the concern occurs: should you go for an older variation from a premium series or a newer variation from a lower-tier collection? Having actually spent significant time with both Televisions, tvboxmanager is below to explore the details and assist you decide. Right here’s everything you need to learn about these remarkable Televisions, from value to visual quality.


The LG C3 boasts a slim and smooth design that is very easy to assemble and visually attractive.

Both Televisions include a comparable version of the LG Magic Remote, which operates as a typical remote but also uses motion-activated controls, allowing you to utilize it as a wand. When triggered, an on-screen arrow tracks your hand activities, which verifies helpful when taking care of the on-screen keyboard or navigating via content alternatives.

LG’s G-series OLEDs are made to be wall-mounted like portraits. The ultra-thin wall surface install that includes the G2 allows it to rest closer to the wall surface than a basic wall surface place. The display screen is adorned with sophisticated silver frameworks, exhibiting subtle sophistication. Basically, the G2 is among one the most aesthetically attractive wall-mounted Televisions offered.

For those choosing a standard work desk configuration, the G2’s stand is sold individually. However, users that purchase the stand individually may find that it triggers some tottering problems.

The G2’s stand likewise turns the panel back like an easel. While some might obtain accustomed to the small panel slope, those hesitant concerning the reclined placement should consider this element.

 LG C3

Although the C3 can additionally be wall-mounted, it doesn’t use the same flush-to-the-wall installation as the G2. However, considering that it was mainly designed for desk configurations, its stand is not a second thought. It includes a rectangle-shaped sheet of steel with a safe and secure anchor attached to the back of the panel. The stand gives a smooth appearance and holds the panel firmly in place. It’s worth noting that the stand just provides regarding two inches of clearance for a soundbar, so customers with taller soundbars should take into consideration the size.

An additional benefit of the C3 is its lightweight building and construction, thanks to making use of a composite fiber material. This makes initial setup as well as future repositioning reasonably easy.

In terms of style, it’s a tough classification to court. If wall-mounting is your preference, the G2’s aesthetics are hard to beat. However, for the majority of customers choosing a tabletop arrangement, the C3 stands out as the clear victor.

Performance as well as Smart System:

As premium LG OLEDs launched in succeeding years, it’s not stunning that the C3 along with G2 share many comparable tools as well as software-related features. Below’s what they share:

  • Resolution: 4K (3,840 x 2,160).
  • Show type: OLED.
  • HDR assistance: Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG.
  • Dolby Atmos: Yes.
  • eARC Aid: Yes.
  • Native refresh rate: 120Hz.
  • Smart system: webOS.
  • Shield: DCI-P3 shade space/10-bit chroma resolution.
  • Variable Refresh Rate (VRR): Yes.
  • Automatic Low Latency Setting (ALLM): Yes.
  • Extra Attributes: AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, Nvidia G-Sync Compatibility, Video Game Optimizer, Filmmaker Setup, Amazon.com Alexa, Google Aide, Apple AirPlay, Apple House.

Considering the quality listing, it’s evaluating to distinguish between the two. Both Televisions sustain Dolby Vision, commonly thought about as the costs HDR layout, developed to present HDR products closest to the designer’s intent. Dolby Vision product is easily offered on Blu-ray, prominent streaming systems like Netflix and also Apple Television+, and current-generation Xbox video gaming consoles.

Both the C3 and likewise G2 can translate Dolby Atmos sound natively or pass it by means of eARC to a Dolby Atmos soundbar, whether uncompressed (Dolby TrueHD) or compressed (Dolby Digital And Additionally). One significant distinction between the Televisions is that just the C3 maintains DTS sound. When LG introduced the G2 last year, none of its high-end Televisions provided DTS audio support. The C3 was just one of the first LG Televisions to reestablish support for this layout to the marketplace.

In relation to video pc gaming, both OLED TVs attract attention with very low input lag and likewise a series of gamer-friendly features. They both sustain Variable Refresh Price (VRR) as well as likewise Car Minimized Latency Setting (ALLM) for smooth, low-latency pc video gaming. Furthermore, all 4 HDMI inputs on both TVs sustain 4K video clip gaming at 120Hz, enabling customers to attach approximately 3 gadgets to the game-optimized inputs while still having an area for an eARC-enabled soundbar.

Both Televisions include LG’s Video Game Optimizer, a suite of video clip pc gaming arrangements that supply framework price info, image modifications, and very easy access to VRR setups.

 LG G2

As for wise characteristics, both the C3 as well as G2 deal with webOS, with the G2 utilizing webOS 22 as well as the C3 utilizing webOS 23. Functionally, they are nearly similar, with the C3 offering somewhat quicker performance due to its even more recent CPU. The software application is rather hindered by funded internet content as well as referrals, yet this is a common event throughout a lot of smart systems. WebOS supplies an appropriate daily experience for the majority of individuals, nevertheless, those looking for a less complicated as well as also a lot more reliable experience may select matching their LG OLED with a customized streaming tool.

When it comes down to it, the significant difference in attributes between these Tvs is the C3’s help with DTS audio. While the C3’s software application may be a little snappier, it doesn’t mean a considerable usage improvement. From audiovisual to gaming-related attributes, both Televisions are rather equivalent.


Both Televisions supply exceptional images of top quality with the best black levels thanks to OLED modern technology. The G2 provides somewhat higher brightness for more captivating HDR web content.

As OLED Televisions, the C3 and G2 provide the expected advantages of this prominent screen technology: perfect black degrees, exact and dynamic shades, and also large viewing angles. LG’s advanced picture processing modern technology additionally boosts the picture’s top quality. Nevertheless, the G2 has a remarkable advantage: its panel includes a heat sink that permits it to achieve higher illumination than regular OLED TVs.

At its release, the G2’s warm sink-equipped display was its major marketing point compared to LG’s C-series OLEDs. It enabled the G2 to create specular highlights in the range of 900 to 1,000 nits– an outstanding figure that still holds up today. Nonetheless, regardless of being a year older, the C3 doesn’t fall back. Even without a heat sink, the C3’s brightness suffices to make HDR web content truly pop. HDR highlights reach around 800 nits, as well as LG, has geared up the C3 with a unique brightness-boosting algorithm to bridge the gap between its C-series and G-series offerings.


While most individuals may not notice a substantial distinction in brightness when contrasting the C3 as well as G2 side-by-side, the G2 does better in small, concentrated areas of illumination and the information within them.

Brightness isn’t the single determining aspect for photo high quality, however, it is the most visible distinction between the C3 and also G2. In regards to color reproduction, both TVs use remarkable schemes, covering about 99% of the HDR color range (DCI-P3), with the G2 having a minor edge because of its higher illumination. Both the C3 and G2 master maintaining detail when transitioning from pure black and also display very few artifacts near black, exceeding the performance of previous LG OLED versions.

One small quirk to note on both TVs is a very slight pink tint on white picture aspects when seen off-axis. While OLED Televisions typically preserve excellent contrast as well as shade precision during off-axis watching, larger locations of white, such as snow scenes or hockey rinks, may show up somewhat pink when viewed from an angle. This sensation is observable on both the C3 and G2, however, it’s just recognizable with detailed content.

Ultimately, the G2 has an edge as a result of its enhanced illumination, yet it’s important to highlight that both Televisions supply exceptional photo top quality.


Both Televisions feature LG’s Magic Remote, which can be utilized as a motion-activated stick or a conventional directional pad. As a recently released television, the LG C3 is not likely to see substantial price cuts for a couple of months.

LG C3:

The LG C3 is readily available in six dimensions, ranging from the basic 55-inch and also 65-inch designs to extra-large options, consisting of an 83-inch model. In addition, it uses 2 smaller-sized models, including a moderate 42-inch size that may be suitable for use as a screen.

As the C3 is not yet offered, the 55-inch variation is expected to cost around $1,900, while the 65-inch C3 is priced at $2,600.

 LG C3 tv

LG G2:

The G2 collection starts with a 55-inch version, so those on the market for a 48-inch or 42-inch OLED will need to discover different choices. However, the G2 supplies larger alternatives, consisting of 77-inch, 83-inch, and also an extra-large 97-inch model, though the latter includes an incredible cost of $25,000.

One advantage of the G2 is its large availability. Presently, the 55-inch version is discounted to about $1,500, while the 65-inch G2 gets on sale for around $2,150.

While the C3 gives a much more thorough range of dimension options for a lot of buyers, the G2 currently offers much better worth for the cost. The 55-inch, as well as 65-inch G2 models, are a number hundred dollars less expensive than the equivalent C3 designs.


The option between the LG C3 and LG G2 eventually relies on your specific needs. The G2 uses minor benefits in regard to illumination as well as rate, making it a compelling alternative. If wall-mounting is your choice, the G2, specially developed for that function, stands out as the clear winner.

Nevertheless, if you like a conventional tabletop setup and also prioritize style as well as stand quality, the C3 supplies an exceptional stand style and also is readily available in smaller-sized dimension choices not located in the G2 schedule. Furthermore, considering the availability as well as discounts, you might likewise take into consideration the LG C2, last year’s version of the C3, which shares numerous similarities and also is presently supplied at appealing prices.

Regardless of your option between these LG OLEDs, feel confident that you’ll be getting among the finest TVs readily available on the marketplace today.

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