Modern Family-A Modern Farewell (2020)

Modern Farewell is an hour-long documentary that looks back at 11 years of Modern Family, from scriptwriting, casting, and piloting to the interpretation of the big finale. Through exclusive interviews with the cast and crew, this documentary looks back at the origin story of Modern Family, recalls the unprecedented success of this influential and beloved show, and revisits many touching and hilarious moments.

Modern Family

These 10 years of Modern Family have brought so much beauty and joy. In an American family, a traditional family, and two other not-so-traditional families, we each have their ideas, each has their shortcomings, and each has their own strange, but in the end, we will all reconcile. Simply put, it’s because of love. With love, there will be a common goal, and the future, which will give rise to the desire to protect, want to protect their loved ones and the relationship. This may be the most fascinating thing about Modern Family.

I don’t think many TV shows featured homosexuality more than 10 years ago, and even if there were, most of them appeared in a disgusting and repulsive mood, giving people who saw them the further impression that homosexuality is a harmful and disgusting thing. The presentation in “Mo”, however, is loving. The dad, Jay, is initially very distant from his son because he is gay; there is also prejudice against Cam. This detail, I think, epitomizes the most immediate reaction and behavior of most parents when they learn that their flesh and blood are gay.

As you slowly watch on, Cam and Mitch get along, quarrel and fight, take care of their children, and handle their work and relationships like normal people, and are not gay, that is, their personality is twisted. Pride and sensitivity is their label for 11 years, in the end, they both decided to adopt another child, to bring him family warmth, should not this be for praise? And still, have to deny everything because of their different sexual orientation? Of course not!

Now I can accept any sexual orientation and respect their choice. After all, born human beings, should have their most basic rights.

Modern Family

Video call, this episode had quite a few laughs. Acceptance of cross-age relationships and a refreshed view of marriage. This example, of course, says Gloria, the song’s sister, and brother Jay’s love, regardless of age group, nationality, and culture, this love is also amazing enough. In the beginning, although attracted by the beauty of the song sister, of course, less devilish body. But knowing DIDI, that is Jay’s ex-wife, and their age difference, my first reaction was that this was the plot of the mistress coming to power and seeking the family fortune! Some children have seen the play, and know the plot and I say the exact opposite, Jay’s brother loves song sister, and song sister is also true love ah. Perhaps I see more love should be relative age, relative status, and relative strength, resulting in a see with the usual model being different at the same time, it will produce conjecture, which is what bad hearts, is a bad thing. The ending is Jay said that over the years, he has not been to the song sister’s hometown, and can not understand what they are saying, for her, to learn Spanish. This is love ah, who said that different from the world can not be love?

To express love in time. Why “Mo” has been I have been chasing, is a play rendering family in the family, the friendship between people’s love, and personal feelings, which should be worthy of respect and timely expression. The two siblings grew up under their mother’s DIDI and father Jay’s upbringing, Claire is a bold, paranoid, strong woman who wants to be first in everything, and Mitch is an arrogant, sensitive little lawyer. Mitch is always cautious, and his sexual orientation is a big gap with his father at first. In the later seasons, half-brother Joe was born, mother Didi died, and dad completely quit the company and handed over the baton to Claire, everything started to change and the relationship started to understand each other. In the finale season, both sons-in-law were accepted by Jay for real.

Second, Haily’s love. From the first season of first love can not go together, the middle ten seasons are stumbling to meet a good boy, never able to quiet. In the last season, eventually married Delun and had children, because the career moved out of the basement. This pair, from the viewer’s point of view, is feeling uneasy, after all, two are big kids, how to take care of two children? I can understand the parents’ concerns, but fortunately, Claire is the one to let go and let them do what they want in their hearts, and quietly help around. Thirdly, Alex was finally able to face the love of his heart and succeeded in confessing his love.

The three siblings finally grew up. They showed me a lot of family members get along with the little secret and warm way of handling, with love to tolerate and understand. The show’s first season is the first of its kind in the world.

In addition, the show also won the Gay and Lesbian Education Network Respect Award – “GLSEN Respect Award”. Launched in 2004 and held annually in Los Angeles and New York, the “GLSEN Respect Awards” showcase the work of students, educators, community leaders, and companies who are exemplary role models and have made a significant impact on the lives of lesbians, gay, bisexual, transgender, and cool (LGBTQ) youth. Modern Family was awarded for its “very positive content and storylines that reflect a diverse America.

Over the past eleven years, how many people have cried and laughed and cried again because of this show? Because they were there, those lonely days, a little more company. Youcine is a good place to see movies.

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