Rescue 2-In the name of Thor, unstoppable

Rescue 2

Pack your bags, because we’re back on the “action train” full of crazy leaps and punches! In “Rescue 2,” our superhero Tyler Lake, played by Chris Hemsworth, once again captured our attention with his breathtaking action scenes and fascinating story line. rest? In this sequel, it’s nothing more than a luxurious dream.

Meet our adventurous hero Tyler Lake again. This former elite mercenary will once again touch his past. And take another dangerous mission challenge.

If you remember the trailer for the last movie. Well, you know Tyler Lake survived despite being badly injured in a street fight in Dhaka. However, due to the severity of his injury, he was forced to temporarily withdraw. Go for nine months of rehab.


However, Tyler Lake had to step into the fray once again when a new assignment came up that he couldn’t refuse. This task is conveyed by the mysterious agent played by Idris, played by Elba in “Inspector Luther”. His ex-wife, Mia, needs him to free her sister, who’s trapped in a Georgia prison. Her husband, Davit Radiani. Is a notorious gang leader. Along with his brother Zurab, he runs a multi-billion dollar criminal empire. He forced Mia and her children to live here.

At this point, Tyler Lake and his pup are living a daily life of ice fishing and watching Dancing with the Stars. His peaceful days are about to be a thing of the past. Now, he must return to his former form and redisplay his skills.

Think you’ve seen the scariest scene in “Rescue” yet? “Rescue 2” laughed it off. The film’s action scenes have reached new heights, and one particular scene even dwarfs the famous “12-minute long shot” of the previous film.

Rescue 2-rescue

Imagine the thrill of a prison break, the frantic train and sleigh chase, this scene offers over 20 minutes of pure “adrenaline rush” without a break. Even though the scene isn’t a true one-shot, you hardly see any noticeable transitions. Coupled with the top-level fighting action design, it is simply amazing.

The viewing experience of “Rescue 2” is like playing a real computer game. You will be immersed in it and experience the blood and cruelty comparable to the “Defense Mission” series. It’s these action scenes that make “Rescue 2” worth the money, and it’s a shame not to see it on the big screen.

However, we’ve also seen Taylor Lake’s character develop, revealing his years of alone healing his guilt after his son’s death. The hero’s “past” plays a pivotal role in this sequel, as does his journey to self-redemption. The climactic story reveals the final absolution and forgiven sins in a church setting.

While trying to build an emotional core on the characters doesn’t quite work out as well as the intense action sequences. But it does give Chris Hemsworth some psychological layers to bring out his acting skills. So, despite its minor flaws, the film is still a solid blockbuster that action fans shouldn’t miss.


Yes, many of the storylines in this movie are common to what we see in this genre. For example: Veterans dealing with family trauma, Eastern European criminals with a serious illness, innocents caught in a hail of bullets. And a white American hero stepping in to solve the border problem…these are the signature elements of the “taken” series.

However, the real appeal of “Rescue 2” is its action sequences: watching Chris Hemsworth chop a man’s hand in half. Shoot down a helicopter while fighting multiple criminals while protecting a wounded child. These elements all make this movie compelling.

If Netflix continues this route according to the end of the movie, we will have more Taylor Lake stories waiting for us to explore. After all, for this action movie series, our focus is on how the main character can defeat the enemy in unique ways, rather than the oft-repeated storyline.

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