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amazon prime video

Amazon Prime Video has several advantages when used on TV. Here are some of them:

  • A wealth of original content, including Amazon Original Movies and Prime Original series 
  • Lots of content available to watch in 4K and HDR 
  • Supports a wide range of devices, including smart TVs, streaming sticks, and gaming consoles 
  • Ability to rent or buy additional content that is not included in the subscription 
  • Good parental controls to keep children safe 
  • Availability of subtitles, audio descriptions, and dubs for accessibility 
  • Optional add-on channels and a la carte purchases to further bolster the attractive library 

To stream Amazon Prime Video on TV, users can use an app provided by the manufacturer on smart TVs or streaming devices like Amazon Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Cube. It can also be accessed through other streaming sticks and boxes, gaming consoles, and even some Blu-ray players. 

Amazon Prime Video

It is important to note that Amazon Prime and Prime Video are different services, although the names are often used interchangeably. Amazon Prime is a subscription that gives users free shipping, access to Amazon deals, and other benefits that include digital services, while Prime Video is a streaming service that offers access to original programming as well as other TV shows and movies. 

Amazon Prime Video is the streaming offering from the e-commerce giant. It competes with the likes of Netflix and Hulu as one of the most popular streaming platforms, and for good reason. There are many positives to Amazon Prime Video.

1. Wealth of Original Content

You can’t walk a step without bumping into a streaming service, such is the prevalence of them. That means it’s all the more important that streaming platforms offer the best original content to stand out. In terms of quality and quantity, Amazon Prime Video is high in the charts.

That’s because it’s packed full of great original shows like Jack Ryan, Hanna, The Boys, and Tales from the Loop, and movies like The Tomorrow War, Cinderella, and Everybody’s Talking About Jamie.

2. Plenty of Licensed Programming

Not only is Amazon Prime Video full of original content, but the licensed programming is brimming too. Whether you’re in the mood for a retro crime drama or a modern comedy, you’ll find something to enjoy on Prime Video.

The one thing to note is that the selection does continually change, as contracts expire and licenses aren’t renewed. So, if you see something that you want to watch, don’t wait around.

3. Lots Available to Watch In 4K and HDR

If your TV supports 4K or HDR, you can watch lots of Amazon Prime Video content in high resolution (including nearly all of the original programming). Unlike other streaming services that charge extra for this, it’s all included in the same Prime Video plan.

You will need an internet connection with at least a 15Mbps download speed, so ensure your service is up to the job.

4. Supports Plenty of Devices

What good is a streaming service if you can’t watch it on any of your devices? Thankfully, Amazon Prime Video supports a huge range of devices.

This includes Amazon products like the Fire TV and Echo, Blu-ray players, games consoles, mobiles, set-top boxes, smart TVs, and more. You can see a full list on Amazon’s supported devices page.

5. Rent and Buy Additional Content

While it’d be great for everything you want to watch to be available in the Amazon Prime Video subscription, that’s not possible for licensing reasons. However, Amazon offers additional content that you can rent or buy. This often includes recent theater releases.

While you could wait to see if it comes included in the subscription down the line, it’s nice that the choice is there—especially if you want to buy something so that you can still watch when your Prime Video subscription expires.

6. Download Anything to Watch Offline

Does your internet connection often buffer or drop out? Are you going traveling and will be without Wi-Fi? If so, you’ll be pleased to hear that Amazon Prime Video supports offline downloads.

As long as the media remains on Prime Video, it’ll remain on your device. You can watch it as much as you like and you don’t need an internet connection. Perfect for a long journey or a remote trip.

7. Stream Live Sports and Concerts

Amazon Prime Video is the exclusive location to stream some live sports. While it doesn’t host as much as a dedicated sports streaming service, it might hold some games that you want to watch.

Plus, the service sometimes plays host to exclusive live concerts from famous names like Taylor Swift and Dua Lipa, especially on the annual Amazon Prime Day.

8. Wide Accessibility Support

Accessibility features like subtitles, audio descriptions, and dubs are an oft-overlooked feature of streaming services. Happily, Amazon Prime Video has wide support for them all. It’s incredibly easy to enable subtitles and audio descriptions on Prime Video, meaning that you can enjoy all the content across all your devices, no matter your needs.

9. Good Parental Controls

If you have kids, Amazon Prime Video has lots of children’s content to keep them entertained. But you don’t want them stumbling across the adult-orientated content. That’s why it’s great that Prime Video has good parental controls to keep your little ones safe.

You can create a profile for your child and limit the type of content they can watch based on the maturity rating. You can also set a time limit for screen usage. Plus, to ensure they don’t just switch to your profile, you can set a PIN.

10. You Get Other Amazon Prime Benefits

You can pay $8.99/month and subscribe only to Amazon Prime Video, but there’s little point if you use any of Amazon’s other services. That’s because you can sign up for $12.99/month (or $119/year), which not only includes Prime Video but a wealth of other Amazon Prime benefits too.

This includes speedy and free delivery, unlimited photo uploads, music streaming, a Twitch subscription, and much more. Some streaming services charge more for far less.

11. Six Profiles at No Extra Cost

If you live with others, chances are that they want to watch Amazon Prime Video too. Rather than everyone using the same account and the watch history getting muddled, Prime Video lets you create up to five profiles (for a total of six) for no extra cost.

This means that six people can maintain their own Prime Video watchlist, watch history, preferences, and so on. Plus, you can stream up to three different things at any one time on different devices, so there’ll be no fighting over the remote.

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